M12 Zinc Flake Flange Clamp.

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M12 Zinc Flake Flange Clamp

  • Flange Fm, VdS and UL approved product, therefore certified for use in sprinkler systems. 
  • For Suspending appliances from steel beams. 
  • For up to M12 Diameter Stud, 13mm Back Hole (Unthreaded)
  • Zinc Flake Coating (ZF) - alternative to Hot-Dipped Galvanised.   
  • Highly Corrosion resistant
  • Load Rating 356KG
  • Comes with 8.8 Grade Set Screw and Nut
  • Clamping thickness 3-23mm
  • Tightening set screw  - 8 Nm
  • Torque lock nut - 22 Nm
  • Sold Individually

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