Cable Basket

All Black Everything (Premier Cable Baskets)

Recently we were proud to launch our very popular new Premier Under Desk Cable Management System which can be seen here, This range has now been extended, with our brand new Premier Under Desk Tray in Black finish.

Premier Under Desk Cable Management Now Available

Tripping, falling, tangled, messy cables are no longer a problem with this simple under desk solution.

Stainless Steel Range

We are always increasing our product range at Direct Channel and now the latest to be seen to is our Stainless Steel section.

Basket Variety

We stock a wide range of wire mesh basket along with it's accessories at Direct Channel to ensure all needs can be met even in the most extremest of environments.

Stainless Steel Basket

Direct Channels A2/A4 Pemsa Stainless Steel Basket Range.

Our Passivated Stainless Steel Steel is AISI 304 (A2) and 316 (A4)

Cable Basket

Introducing one of our newest ranges Cable Basket

Under Desk Basket Support Tray

Direct Channel's Range of Under Desk Basket Tray

Cable Management

Cable management refers to the installation of equipment to secure cables for electrical services. Cable management is used in the information technolgy (IT), communications, and power distribution sectors.

Cable Basket C8 Black

Direct Channels Range Of C8 Black Basket and Fixings

Demonstrated with more than 1,000 hours in the neutral salt spray tests and obtained through a new manufacturing process that improves both the barrier effect against the aggressive media and the ability of self healing in damaged areas.

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