Direct Channels Girder Clamp Range

Direct Channels Girder Clamp Range

When installers are looking at ways to suspend lights, cable management solutions or pipes what better solid platform to build from then a Girder.

The term Girder Clamp covers more than one design of connection. It is a description that is used for any type of configuration of steelwork fixing connections that fasten steel sections together without the need for onsite drilling or welding.

Thanks to this robust platform a wide range of clamps/clips have been made available, whether you need, flange clips, suspended ceiling fixings or purlin hangers, Direct Channel can supply you with a huge range of beam clamps and girder clips on a next day service.

Our range of beam clamps & girder clips can be found on

We invite enquiries regarding any of our range on 0121 270 8507 alternatively by email on

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