6x150mm R-LX Concrete Flanged Screwbolt

  • 6x150mm R-LX Concrete Flanged Screwbolt

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R-LX Concrete Flanged Screwbolts 6 x 150mm

  • Simply Drill and Drive - Time Efficient installation through streamlined procedure
  • Dimensions - 150mm x 6mm 
  • Use 6mm Diameter Drill.
  • Thread Size 7.5mm
  • Drive Head : 10mm Hex Head
  • Zinc Flake corrosion resistant coating ( For Internal & External use)
  • Unique design with patented threadform ensures high performance
  • Non-expansion functioning ensures low risk of damage to base material
  • For Use With Concrete, Brick and Block.
  • From our Branded "Rawlplug" Range.
  • Sold Individually


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