50mm Variable Riser for Premier Tray (PG)

  • 50mm Variable Riser for Premier Tray (PG)

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  • Product Code: CPM50-VR

50mm Variable Riser for Premier Tray (PG)

  • Fully Adjustable - Bends from 90 Degrees to 360 Degrees
  • Designed to fit to the ends of 50mm Premier Cable Tray
  • To fix together use M6x16mm Roofing Bolts - (PNB612B)
  • Length - 700mm
  • Holes Punched to align with cable tray 
  • Pre-Galvanised (PG)
  • Compatible with Medium Duty Premier Tray 
  • Industry Standard
  • Sold Individually.

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Tags: 50mm variable riser, light and medium duty premier cable tray compatible, pre galvanised, fully adjustable, bends from 90 degrees to 360 degrees


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